Key and delicate sector in the industrial field: our products are also applied outside the Italian borders ensuring the proper functioning of many energy plants.


Structures made with highly qualitative materials are applied in the telecommunications sector by contributing to changes in habits in terms of connection and reduction of barriers and physical distances.


Insulation, resistance, continuous search for perfection in detail: these are the characteristics of our products applied to the field of chemical plants, which require special fibers to ensure safety and low maintenance over time.


Among the most common application fields for our products, the industrial sector is the one for which more complexity is required for the structure,so we ensure the excellence in this feild. Profiles are tailor made, based on customer requirements.


There is no area in which Maplad products does not require any special attention and safety: even the construction, operation and maintenance of cooling towers will change from the realization of our profiles.


The operation and, above all, the safety of the railway networks goes from the realization of our profiles. Quality items that make everyday public transport on iron possible.


Profiles, assembled systems, artifacts, armours and grills: more than simple products, real assembled systems are essential for infrastructures to be created and working in the best way. Quality products tailored to the needs of individual designs.


Metropolitan, tunnels and tunnels: any underground construction needs specific profiles that are essential for the structure to fit the peculiar characteristics of the crossed terrain.